Wes Kent – Weyers Cave, VA

“I really like the A5465 because it has everything I need in a hybrid.  Great disease tolerance and nice ear development with high starch content.  This bottom ground has been saturated for weeks.  The leaves have also stayed wet from rain or heavy dew, yet this hybrid has thrived!”

Floyd Childress – Christiansburg, VA

“I switched several years ago to the Augusta “Green Gene” hybrids because of heavy blight pressure.  I am here to tell you my A5465 and A5566 perform on my farm where some other national brands have failed.  They just stand out and consistently yield!”

Floyd Childress – Christiansburg, VA

“I can tell you that A5566 and A5465 have fixed our grey leaf and blight issues!  They both stay very healthy and green as they mature.  I am looking forward to planting the new A5264 (114 RDM).”

Ron Dierker – Rock Hall, MD

“I have A5565 on my farm this year and it is doing great!  We have even had it in the Gloucester County NJ area this year running 298 bushels per acre.  Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 410-708-8644