Hybrid Features
RDM: 109 Days
Excellent Choice for Corn Behind Corn
Widely Adaptable
Consistent Performer
Good Choice for Tougher Soils
Trait Options: GT, 3111GT
Placement Guide
Highly Productive Soils 8
Moderately Productive Soils 9
Less Productive Soils 9
Grey Leaf Spot 8
Northern Leaf Blight 9
Goss's Wilt 8
Common Rust 6
Corn after Corn 9
Fungicide Response 8
Drought Tolerance 9
Agronomic Characteristics
Seedling Vigor 9
Leaf Angle 7
Flower for Maturity 7
Stalk Rating 9
Root Rating 9
Plant Height 8
Ear Height 7
Staygreen 9
High Population Tolerance 10
Ear & Grain Characteristics
Ear Length 7
Ear Girth 7
Ear Flex 9
Kernel Rows 16
Test Weight 7
Cob Color 5
Husk Cover 7
Drydown 9
Silage Quantity 9
Silage Quality 9
Hybrid Version
A4759 GT GT
A4759 - 3111 GT 3111 GT

"This A4759 has looked good all season. Ears are filled out very well, still a little green life late in the season and is standing great."

Gary Bushong
New Market, VA

"Augusta 4759 is what all grain producers need to try in PA. My customers like its stand-ability, dry down, and nice ear size. It topped many farms last year. Give me a call and try a few bags. You wont regret it."

Charlie Marsch
Green Lane, PA