Augusta Seed Team

Meet our Office and Warehouse Team!

Dexter Bennett

Inventory Supervisor

Beth Hinkle

Project Manager

Darren Hinkle

Warehouse Manager

Vince Hinkle

Inventory Manager

Jo Masincup

Administrative Management

Daniel Rawley

Shipping Supervisor

Kathryn Rawley

Office Manager

Matt Rawley

Research & Development

Gram Rexrode

Administrative Management

Meet our Sales Team!

Steve Collins

CO, KY, PA, & VA

Darren Hinkle


Tony James

GA, NC, & SC

Simon Newman

AL, GA, KY, & TN

Craig Pitts

DE, MD, NJ, NY, & PA

Daniel Rawley

DE, MD, & VA

Matt Rawley


Mike Sandy

NC, NY, VA, & WI

James Snavely

IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NE, & OH

Brian Whitt

AR, MS, NC, VA, & WI

Top Row: Dennis Rawley, Craig Pitts, Gram Rexrode, Vince Hinkle, Daniel Rawley, Matt, Rawley, James Snavely, Steve Collins, Brian Whitt, Tony James, Jo Masincup, and Angie Rawley.
Bottom Row: Kathryn Rawley, Beth Hinkle, Dexter Bennett, Simon Newman, Darren Hinkle, and Mike Sandy.