Hybrid Features
RDM: 115 Days
Great Ear Flex
Early Flowering Hybrid Great for Early Planting
Food Grade Grain Quality
Tall, High Yielding Plant
Trait Options: 3110GT, 3111GT
Placement Guide
Highly Productive Soils 10
Moderately Productive Soils 8
Less Productive Soils 8
Grey Leaf Spot 8
Northern Leaf Blight 6
Goss's Wilt N/A
Common Rust 7
Corn after Corn Silage Only
Fungicide Response 8
Drought Tolerance 6
Agronomic Characteristics
Seedling Vigor 8
Leaf Angle 7
Flowering for Maturity 9
Stalk Rating 7
Root Rating 7
Plant Height 10
Ear Height 7
Fall Appearance 8
Staygreen 8
High Population Tolerance 5
Ear & Grain Characteristics
Ear Length 8
Ear Girth 8
Ear Flex 8
Cob Color 3
Husk Cover 6
Drydown 6
Silage Quantity 9
Silage Quality 9
Hybrid Version
A5065-3110GT 3110GT
A5065-3111GT 3111GT

"I planted the A5065 under my pivot this year. I was very impressed with the late season inactness of the plant and also the yield. The A5065 averaged 205 dry bushels per acre. I will definitely plant more of A5065!"

Calvin Haile
Dunnsville, VA

Ryan Atkins
Dobson, NC