Nelson Sensenig – Rock Stream, NY, Rock Stream Planter Repair – 4665 PreEmption Road

“I really like the A2847 and A2340.  Conventional or with traits they perform!  Call me for your Augusta Seed corn needs!” 607-243-5147

Stanley Johnson – Millsboro, DE

“I planted A3750 and A2340 this year.  I am impressed with Augusta’s early season options and will continue using them in 2019!”

Jay Baxter – Georgetown, DE

“I really like A2340.  I plant it early to get ahead of the stresses that we see mid-season.  This year it got up and through the heavy rainfall we saw early.  It has a place on dryland as well as some irrigated land to take advantage of early premiums.”

Glen Weaver – Millmont, PA

“I am real happy with A2340.  I planted it the first week of June and it has looked great all summer.  It had good vigor and grow off with little disease.  I’m looking forward to harvest to see the results.  Based on the way it has performed this summer, I’m planning to plant A2340 next year!”

Dan Slaymaker – Columbia Crossroads, PA

“I’ve used several of the Augusta short season corns for two years.  They have a great disease resistance package and very good silage digestibility.  The A2340 (90 RDM) corn will be my main hybrid this year.”

Scott Pensak – Factory, PA

“Augusta Seed has been great for us.  This year the 90 day A2340 had two ears on most stalks.  We had plenty left to shell because it made so much tonnage.  We’ll keep planting Augusta.  Please call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 570-407-4307

Jay & Jim Baxter – Georgetown, DE

“My grandfather convinced me to plant some early corn to get started with.  The A2340 (90 RDM) averaged 171 dry bushels per acre on a 45 acre field.  This included 5 acres of tough dry land.  It stood well, dried down quick and had nice flex.”