Don Rawls – Watha, NC

“A2956 averaged 167 bushels per acre on a sixty acre farm.  That’s very strong corn for the stressful conditions it was faced with.”

Garey & Rhonda Quidas – Preston, MD

“I have planted Augusta 2956 for years and it has always been a top performer on my farm.  I have not seen any hybrid in its maturity that has come close to its yield!”

Craig and Danny Groseclose – Wytheville, VA

“We have been counting on Augusta Seed hybrids for a long time!  This year most all of our corn acres are planted in Augusta.  We are particularly pleased with our A5663 and A2956.”

Matt Floyd and Curtis Byrum – Tyner, NC

“We have used A2956 for several years now and it has done well for us.  This year it averaged 220 dry bushels per acre. It had great grain quality and test weight.”

Curtis Congleton – Versailles, KY

“The A2956 has been a solid performer on my farm.  It offers flexibility of being able to plant an earlier maturing hybrid to chop for silage.”

Bull Cavenaugh and Buddy Sholar – Pin Hook, NC

“We don’t normally plant early maturing corns but we are glad we tried the Augusta 2956.  It is some of the best looking corn we have.  We’ll definitely be planting more.”

Justus Baxter – Age 3

“I have not farmed as long as Daddy but I like A2956 for my ground!”

Jay Baxter – Georgetown, DE

“My A2956 is beautiful! It is having extremely high yields to offset the drowned out spots. I like the A2956 because it competes with other 112 RDM corn and keeps the moisture down. It is definitely a fit on my acres!”

Tony Gundry – Seaford, DE

“My A2956 averaged 200 bushels this year!  I just put in my order for it again for 2018.”

Brian Grochowicz – Glen Garden, NJ

“We have had Augusta 2956 on the farm for three years.  It is our go to hybrid because of its consistency and dependability. Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 908-528-6568

Joel Deardorff – Dover, PA

“A2956 has done the job for three years for me.”

Cindy & Larry Custis – Pungoteague, VA

“I really like Augusta 2956 and A5565.  The A2956 dries down fast and yields well for an early corn.  The A5565 provides very high yields and great standability.  Call me for your Augusta Seed needs.” 757-999-3264

Justin Cunfer – Lexington, PA

“When we went from the national brand to the Augusta 2956 it seemed like more corn was coming in and the bins filled up faster.  It stood well, yielded great and we are very pleased.”

Jay Baxter – Georgetown, DE

“I love A2956.  It stands well and dries down fast.  I also like that it is not too tall and has nice ear placement.  My A2956 averaged 181 bushels per acre on 85 acres!”